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ABC Radio National Live Recordings of Sourindro Mohan Tagore Project

The Sourindro Mohan Tagore/Bengal Renaissance project was featured on the ABC Radio National show, The Live Set with Alice Keath on November 27th, 2014. The ensemble Vinod Prasanna, Michael Galeazzi Damian Wright, Bobby Singh and Adrian McNeil recorded 3 tracks and Alice spoke to Adrian about the musical and historical significance of the project in an extended interview.

ABC RN Live Set recording pic ABC RN Live Set pic
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Creative Fellowship at the State Library of Victoria for 2013-2014

Adrian has received a prestigious Creative Fellowship from the State Library of Victoria. This award is granted for a six month performance research project based project. The project is based around notations published in a collection of music books sent to Victoria by the Bengali aristocrat Sourendra Mohan Tagore in the late nineteenth century along with a collection of musical instruments. The instruments included a number of hybrid inventions, such as one in which the sitar neck had been combined with a violin body. They are currently housed in the music archives at Monash University. The various songs notated in the books were also quite unique and similarly  embraced intercultural themes and elements. The project will revisit these notations and arrange them for an intercultural ensemble put together especially for the project. The performance will be held in the middle of 2014 in the State LIbrary. Details to be posted when they are confirmed

New Recording with Bobby Singh

Have, finished recording a new CD of Hindustani music with Bobby Singh in early April 2013 (Ragas Bairagi and Hemant). Just at the production stage now and looking forward to its release later this year.